There is no innovation without a deviation from the beaten paths. Deviance, in turn, has no purpose if it is not the means for creative endeavo(u)rs. Creative deviance is a blog devoted to practices that are innovating, bringing development and changing our society and its representations, while creatively playing with or deviating from rules of the game.

Equipped with a formidable cultural apparatus, humans can interact and populate the world, constantly reinterpreting things, redrawing boundaries, creating connections and, in turn, being created by these very operations.

This blog is a personal reflection on ideas, projects, objects, images, sounds, persons and hybrids manipulating culture in a creative and deviant way. It also discusses ideas that promote creativity for development and forces that attempt to hinder them. Human development, in its broadest sense, is also a theme here.

Creative deviance can originate from big projects, from international institutions, but also from an individual seeking new forms of visual or musical expression and this blog is open to all possible sources of alternatives to the well-known categories – of thinking, judgement and action. It’s very open and loose, as the human capacities to creatively and playfully interact with the world.

I hope you enjoy

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About the author

André Vereta Nahoum is a doctor in Sociology (University of São Paulo and Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies), interested in the circulation of images and representations of identity, economic transactions and narratives (we could say ontologies) of modernity and development. He likes to think of himself as a peredvizhniki and often regrets that he cannot be at the very places where the facts, ideas, images and sounds he describes are produced.


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